Has anybody had a reaction from Adalo support?

I’ve presented various help demands over recent months to Adalo support through their help structure and have never heard back from any of them. Some of them were issues preventing me from pushing ahead. I’ve proactively deserted one application I was chipping away at on the grounds that tables were haphazardly not refreshing and I might at any point get any Adalo help or backing.

Simply contemplating whether it’s me or does Adalo not answer anybody, in which case not certain what the mark of the help structure is?

Then again, this local area is amazing thus accommodating!

Hi @zanewiller

My experience has been very positive with Adalo’s support. They always get back to me.

Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but they always get back to me. And to be clear, that was the case even before I became a community leader.

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I’m getting replies like withing 1 day ( Sometimes getting within 2 or 3 days but they reply as soon as possible ). And sometimes I get the reply withing the day that I posted the ticket! Adalo Team do a Awesome Job! :raised_hands:

Spectacular! :star_struck:

This post by Jesse describe about the support very well!

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Hey there! You can always look at the monthly community update to see how support is doing.

In the month of March our average ticket first response time during business hours was 2.9 hours. Our average customer satisfaction score was 5.6/7.

What we have found when people say they aren’t getting responses is a few things:

  1. They have manually unsubscribed from emails from Adalo
  2. Their email has bounced in their inbox. It will automatically try to send it at a later time but if it bounces twice, Hubspot automatically marks it as unreachable
  3. There was a typo in the email they used to submit the support ticket.

Our support team responds to 100% of tickets.

Just to clarify, did you submit a support ticket through this channel, or did you just send an email to help@adalo.com, or something similar?