Lack of Adalo Team Support?

Has anyone experienced a lack of support from the Adalo team when putting in a ticket?

I’ve received automated responses but I receive zero support or responses after that. I then get another automated response 5 days later saying they will close the ticket because it looks like the ticket has been resolved. Umm…no it hasn’t.

I then put in another ticket and the same exact thing happens. It is not general help, it is something that requires an Adalo team member’s assistance.

Very very frustrating as a paid customer. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or is currently experiencing this.

Hopefully it gives insight to potential customers on how Adalo prioritizes their customers.

Hey @TrZd!

So sorry to hear that! I don’t see any emails from your email address in our queue. Can you confirm you submitted a ticket using this Support Ticket Form?

If so, can you send a DM with the Ticket number and Adalo Email so we can look into this for you.


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