Has anyone had a response from Adalo support?

As community leaders, stop dismissing community complaints, you advocate for the community, not the other way around. Empathies and work on ways the community can be better. If someone says support sucks, answering there are gaps, but it is okay the problem is you need to do more does not solve problems, it just causes more frustrations that will erupt later. As community leaders, reach out to Adalo and work on solving the root causes.


I have also had mixed messages with Adalo support.

While they have always responded to me and in most cases fairly quickly, there was one instance that I had where I was reporting what I thought was a bug. Turns out the component just needed to be deleted and replaced for some reason. Regardless, the support rep told me “I figured it out and got it working you should be good to go” (paraphrasing). When I emailed back “Thats great! What was the issue so that I can solve it on my end” Their response was pretty much " I cannot answer that for you, however you can go on the community forums and present your problem there and try to get help figuring it out."

It was maddening to me that they clearly knew the answer to my question / issue and would not just simply tell me the solution.

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“We are in the process of building a whole new set of stripe components so the team isn’t working on bugs within the current Stripe Component at this time. I don’t know the exact ETA but it is actively being worked on and tested so the release of the new component should be pretty soon"


The bug is stopping you from earning money and running your business, but we have better things to do.

Principal #5

We always solve the problem

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I don’t mean to dismiss complaints here. They’re to be solved and I am hopeful that @jessehaywood and team will find a better way to address this in the near future.

Forum & Support needs to be treated independently. Forum is largely run by the users and support by the staff. Mixing both is not a way to get the issues resolved.

Your point about moving to a different problem wouldn’t solve the support issues. There needs to be a better approach to addressing support requests.

My point was to highlight that some users treat forum posts as support requests and ask for solutions which is potentially a bottleneck for genuine support delivery.


I’m pretty sure that was Jesse’s point to use the forum as tier 1 support, not mine.

All the people here have valid points in their view.

As Steven mentions about principles, it is meant also for all of us with our capabilities, if some people can solve using more custom components, others may try to do workaround using existing components that may or may not be the intended solution.

While coding is still surpassing no coding capability and no code might be a little slower than anyone’s assumption to replace coded apps, we still can get benefit from that, it opens doors to something permanently closed to average citizen developers which are the most population in this forum.

About bugs, I believe we need to have list of known bugs and possible workarounds in pinned thread, not buried in old posts.

About asking question first without searching due to efficient time management, this is not respecting other’s time, it can work for few times, but not for longer period, unless they buy an explicit support package that have right to answer their questions and it would be in private channels, not in forum.

While most people are attracted to prioritize getting app logic process in their head first and value the time they need to submit question or read other answers, there will be some people attracted mostly because of free plan, free forum, free to ask and free to leave, because they limit their investing here as long as they get free, which is valid due to their view on how should an app is build and compare it to similar other no code tools, but it also bear a sentiment that free will involve more responsibility from selves, just look at open source project, they are free, but it comes with skill to use it, which is not free to acquired or hired.

This highly productive argument about Adalo’s communication is the second wave that I experience and this time is better, the first wave is around mid last year.

Tutorial for debugging and differentiating about no feature or bug can be helpful too for first time builders, so they get to know building an app also need expressing logics and know the limitation.

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Tue, Jan 11, 12:30 AM: Email came in about an issue
9 emails later
Tue, Jan 11, 1:25 AM: I got the error log
Tue, Jan 11, 1:44 AM: I reviewed

Okay, I have reviewed the Error log, and the good news is that it looks like none of the custom components you are using (made by PragmaFlow or any other maker) is causing the problem. The bad news is the problem seems to be with the Adalo build for iOS and the Apple store. You will need to open a ticket with Adalo support. Here is the information you will need to send them for them to help you. Send this text (which comes from the log) and the error log you sent me. You can let them know that you spoke with me as well.

Back and forth
Tue, Jan 11, 10:02 PM: I just wanted to follow up with you to see if Adalo was able to resolve the issue with your iOS build. Has it been resolved?

yada yada, back and forth
Jan 12, 2022, 7:33 PM: I believe the issues should be resolved now. Try your iOS build again and let me know.

Jan 13, 2022, 5:51 AM: Thanks a lot, we were able to successfully run a new build.

All of this was caused by Adalo making changes without notifying users, all of this was solved by Adalo reverting changes without notifying users.

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I authorized $20k in write-offs this week for Adalo projects. My marketplace (which is offline) hosts $50k worth of components we give away free (an we pay to host them). The losses are much greater in the year we have been on Adalo.

When we get our marketplace up again, we will keep doing what we are doing. Free or paid.


Oh, and they were not a paying customer, just someone who needed help that fell on deaf ears and had seen my YouTube videos and reached out in desperation.


Hey all,

I’ve been messaging with Jesse offline and it seems the reason I never got a response was purely technical. Long story short, Adalo’s ticketing system had marked my email address as unreachable and then stopped trying to deliver any responses to me. So it wasn’t any intentional ignoring of my requests (which I was beginning to think was the case). Having said that, I don’t know why no one followed up with me directly seeing as new tickets were being created with the same address…

Also I don’t want to take away from the fact that there is are larger communications and product issues, but wanted to set the record straight regarding my original post!

I appreciate Jesse following up and looking into this and certainly goes a long way into restoring trust.


Well said. I too, struggle with the “bug? / lack of understanding?” a lot. thanks for pointing that out.

I past the “frustration stage” months ago. I replied to this discussion because it seemed morally wrong to not help a paying customer. I did not reply to harp on the Adalo team.

I am sitting on the fence as to be a paying customer, or not. I would love to. However, some of the comments make me worry about basics you might expect.

Can I get a refund if I decide I don’t like it after 30 days? (I’ll have to look that up)
I think Adalo is great. Just unpolished. And wondering how long I should wait.

As a novice, there are some things that just seem really confusing. Example:

If I can host photos using Adalo, why would I want to host them elsewhere? Or, why have that feature at all. Or, why do I see comments suggesting to host them elsewhere? is it a use-case? a bug? limitation?.. And, this is just photos… seems like a deep dive for many features.

It does make me wonder who their target user is. Do they invite users into their office for usability testing.

One can build a web app, or a Native app. That’s awesome. Why do both have so many bugs. Why not make one, or the other, work well, before building the other.

If I am making an app that truly ads value for users, they will sign-up, in the most basic of ways. Meaning, I don’t see the need to waste Adalo resources to build the most cutting edge way of signing up / verification via text. That seems like (just one example) of a “nice to have” feature.

I could go on and on, with basic questions. Not looking for answers.

Just sharing my point of view.
And, reiterating that I did not comment to make personal attacks on employees.

When I first started Adalo, the thought in my head was:

“This looks like something I can use, without issue, like Weebly, but with a few app-like features”

I didn’t know I was jumping into a whole new ecosystem, with “experts” between the company & novice users + documentation + Youtube tutorials + forum help + hiring experts + … call me crazy, seems like a more traditional coding language.

I am impressed, I got a lot built myself. Still hung up on a few issues… unsure which way to go, so I don’t waste hours redoing things. I may contact you soon. Thanks for your understanding.

This is quite an interesting point and I’d say some valuable feedback for the Adalo team.

To give my thoughts on this. Right now you can do everything for your app in Adalo but it depends exactly on your requirements.

If my client insists they need sms verification for an app, I need to make that happen. It isn’t a native feature of Adalo so I have to bring external services in to achieve that. And you are right, in some ways that’s more like traditional app development.

Adalo is working towards bringing more features which will eliminate the time and effort required in using these kind of features. But in the meantime, if Adalo doesn’t do it out of the box, we have to use third party APIs etc to achieve some things. This is a benefit that Adalo allows us to do this, but in an ideal world more and more of these features will be baked into the Adalo ecosystem - which will be more user friendly.


I agree. I understand. … totally.
If only it were polished…now.
all the hickups people are having make me apprehensive.

Thanks for your thoughts! appreciated!