Having issues Sorting a List

Howdy. I’m trying to sort a list of Books that belong to a Logged in User and their Bookshelf.

When I try to apply for a custom filter, I don’t get any results. I thought I would be able to select the Current logged in user’s bookshelf but it doesn’t give me that option, so I typed in the name hoping it would work. It doesn’t.

How can I specify which bookshelf to pull from? I have a Collection called Bookshelf that has 4 options to select from. Read, Reading, DNF, Want to Read. I want to display each list with the corresponding book for the logged in User.

Here’s a video…

Hey there @_jterrell

Have 1 simple list on your screen instead of 2. Then, click the list, click the settings icon, and make a list from this list so you have a list within a custom list.

Like this:

The top list should be a list of Bookshelves and you can filter the type of bookshelf by name here. Then, your simple list that’s nested should be a list of logged-in user books where bookshelves contain the current bookshelf.

(not relevant) hi @_jterrell I believe Adalo has a bug on filtering lists in the way you want. I have contacted support about this some weeks ago and followed up a few weeks back and they told me it was not fixed yet.

Hey @axme

Was how I explained it unclear? It’s not a bug. It’s logic.

You’re right Mario! i thought he was referring to filtering inside a dropdown list. that’s currently not working as far as I know.

Interesting. I was unaware of that bug. Good thing I don’t use dropdowns often enough to worry :slight_smile:

Thanks, Flawless! Sorry, just seeing your response. I got it working with the help of Big D. Your solution makes sense.

I think I remember watching a video on youtube about the lists within a custom list. I’m guessing this helps with load times by reducing the number of lists to render.

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