Healthy Comparison, versus to other App Builders

Hi All,

I am taking my risk here, but it is worthy for advancement of App Builders/Makers community.

I have an example of healthy comparison about two products, which accidentally used by two app builders I want to focus on.

Discourse is still the winner, but they allow discussion like this happening in their own front yard.

This can also be a confirming sign that the winner still believe that they are still the winner.

But as we know that as of now in the no-code world, the winner seldom takes all, maybe in another 20 years, we could see something like that, but that could be dangerous time for consumers.

But, if somehow that this thread has more negative effects then I will withdraw, because this should be community efforts which resulted open-ended conclusion, but the arguments and process to that conclusion is very vital to our needs, if we should spend more or spend less, less likely to be binary choice, either spend or not spend, because in no-code world, they complement each other, and we need to get help from any of them, so making enemy or completely dislike something is not recipe to succeed.

My comparison of choice is Draftbit, which is founded around the same time of Adalo (maybe from previous name).

I have not had resources to do this yet, because I am super very slow and need lots of time to digest and still need more time to do simple experiments, while others have gone to the moon with it.

But I believe that if this is allowed, both App Builders can get meaningful feedbacks as to how its users want it, not necessarily apply it yet, and what are the trend its users hype about, not necessarily true and followed, but feedback data is there, how it is believed or followed up, it is yet another layer of decision.


Simple examples are like this

Adalo has user friendly left panel, while Draftbit has left and right panel.

Adalo has custom list and built-in linked data to next screen, while Draftbit… (I am not sure yet)

Draftbit has tutorial about Supabase, Sheety and soon Xano, while Adalo already has Integromat, Mixpanel etc

BTW, Adalo choose Discourse and Draftbit choose Circle for their community.

This could be an effect of avoiding other competitor’s vendor, who knows.

For those who read my posts, I think it is clear that I still prefer Adalo (bringing this issue into Adalo’s forum is another proof of that), but recent updates are making me to reconsider that I need to split my attention to other complementary products which may or may not be consider competitors, it will bring down my productivity, because I have to relearn, unlearn, co-learn or whatever terms, which is not ideal because of splitted focus.

If you have come to this sentence and still don’t know what this is all about, forgive me, this is about comparison of Adalo and Draftbit from Builders/Makers perspective.

There are no rights and wrongs, I believe they complement each other and should be treated as friends or even business partners.

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The main limitation I see for Draftbit is that I can’t make a webapp for desktops yet, maybe something to add into the comparison.

I mainly use Airtable for my Adalo apps, so you could also do a comparison with V.One - the easiest no code platform for building your v one. It seems interesting, and it’s also very userfriendly. But I’m not sure if its performance is good enough (based on YouTube videos which shows laggy performance), and there’s no free trial yet.

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Thanks for your input, but currently Vone is not within my radar, because I categorize it as App Wrapper, not app builder, we need to have control over our own app as much as possible.

Other app builders are not worthy for comparison due to their long term vision is not aligned for individual persons like us, or too much focus on design, not logics.

But that is a good point to mention, that Adalo can have desktop web app, progressive (mobile) web app and native app to both android and ios.


Yep that is certainly a strength of Adalo that we can use it to make it for different sizes (which will only get better once the unified builder for mobile + web comes).

Don’t know if is an app wrapper, but it’s user interface and design approach seems very close to Adalo’s, more so than other no-code app builders.

Also yes, the logics part about Adalo is also a strength. The platform’s flexibility allows one to achieve really complicated logics in a simple way, or at least through workarounds.

I don’t have access either, but seeing those tiktok videos created by them and from video review in youtube, I can’t have more distraction to spend more time with them, because focusing in Adalo is already hard enough for me.

Adalo is my first love in no-code world, but I have a feeling, I need more love but with worthy companion.

I remember knowing Glide around last year, but never play around, just taking a glance, and recently I visit their forum, it seems not much has changed, because the underlying technology is spreadsheet, that is what worries me in the future, the underlying technology defines the future, so I am trying to understand what these app builders underlying technology are, because we spend lots of time and bonding with them day and night, so it seem fair enough to know, if in the future our vision is sync enough.