Help for features ( conditional bu

Hey all !

I need help about a feature that i want to do and i am blocked, i explain :

The app is an in-app subscritpion, with it you can have some reductions in our Store when you have subscribe (once reduction every 6 hour per store)

  • How can i do a button on every store :

only subscribe-user can click once time every 6 hours **PER **store.

My collection :

  • User
  • Store
  • Historical

You think that’s is possible ?

I don’t know if its really clear ^^’

Thank to youu !

Hi @Glasses ,


You can use conditional to do this,

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 10.53.18 AM

Have a base date time in users collection as an app wide variable, and compare it against 6 hours ago.

This is possible, but need more experiments.

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Hey Yongki,
Thank you very much for your answer !!

I found the solution thank to you :slight_smile: i am so happy

The variable is due to the date time in the store collection as an app wide variable.

Hihi so happy !


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