Help getting Referenced Data to a screen

I have a Collection that is associated with a user. This association is meant to be made by the administrator before a user completes their registration and onboarding. I would like my onboarding flow to allow the user to login and complete things for their User like “Full Name” and “Avatar” (this works just fine!) Then I would like to link them to the new collection to provide some onboarding information on that object.

However when I link to a new screen and drop a form in for this referenced collection, the only option is “Create new” I can’t seem to get access to “Logged In User > {Referenced Collection}” so that I can have the user updated this associated data during their onboarding.

I’m not sure I’m explaining this well. Please let me know if it’s unclear as I’m still struggling a bit to understand what’s going on myself.

Hi Jack,

To have an update option, there must be a link to the screen that ‘loads’ a record for you to update. Do you have a link to the page?


Thanks for the reply Craig!

I do link to it, but it’s from a form button that is updating the Logged In User The flow I’m hoping for is during on boading they 1) update their profile/user and then 2) update the record that their user references with some additional information.

Is there a way to lookup Logged In User -> Referenced Data for that user and pass it to the next screen when I save my form on the previous screen?

Thanks in advance.

Depends. Will the ‘reference data for that user’ already exist in the database or is it created on signup?

The plan is for it to already exist with some boilerplate information for each user, but in this step we want them to personalize.

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