Help me build a language game

I’m trying to build a simple language game, where a user can push a button, get a random word in Spanish, then type in the english translation in a text input component. Then they can press another button to check their answer. A :white_check_mark: will show if it’s correct, and a :x: will show if it’s incorrect.

I have a database category called ‘Words’ which is a list of words with two text properties: ‘English’ and ‘Spanish’.

I’ve given each word a number property, in case it might be useful later on.

I’m displaying the words in a list which is limited to showing one word at a time.

I’m trying to link the button to the list in order to change the word when the button is pressed, but so far I haven’t been successful.

Help me build a cool language learning game- it will probably help people in the future to see how it develops

Hi David,

Are you trying to get this data without a list? Or you have a list linked to a screen and it’s not working?

There’s no list involved- just trying to apply magic to a piece of standalone text…

I’m creating a language game where a word shows up (the magic text) and the user types the translation in english and checks their answer by pressing a button.

I have 10 words in my database, and have given each of them a number, so maybe users can click a button labelled ‘next word’ to generate a new word based off the number I gave it…

Yeah to get values from the database, you need to make it a list. You could do (on the text component > three dots > Make List) then if you only want to show one, you limit the list to one item.

How can I make it so users can generate a new word by pressing a button?

It would be button > add click action > update right? But what should I update?

If you were already creating an action before, it would be update. But if there was not an existing create action, you would do a create action.

Hi guys, just use the rendomizer component, it’ll do the work for you

How exactly would you do that though?