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This is the second time I try something like this without success last time in a different context, in this evaluation context I think its easier to explain.

User should be able to resolve many exams (Multiple Choice Questions) a set amount of times. 3 Tries in this case. I created a database of EXAMS, a database with QUESTIONS (linked to EXAMS), and a Database with ANSWERS. I also created a database of TRIALS (so I can keep track in each try if the user passed or not and how many questions have been answered in such try). Another tricky part is that user should be able to come back to the evaluation and continue or change answered questions.

So, when user selects: Start Evaluation, a TRIAL is created, linked to the specific Exam and the User. I go into a “Trial View Page” where I display the QUESTIONS of such EVALUATION. I created a multiple to multiple relationship in TRIAL to the QUESTIONS(called Questions Answered). In a given Trial I want to be able to distinguish answered questions from non answered questions.

In my “Trial View Page”
I try to display a list of Current Trial>Evaluation>Questions and another list of Current Trial>QuestionsAnswered. But when they get answered I want them to be removed from the first list. Or something where the student can keep track of the questions that have been answered. I’m stuck there.

Can you guys think of a different approach? Would you create records for each question in each trial? I am a bit confused at this point.

The main point for me is how to create a list that displays items that are not in another list. In this case display a list of CurrentEvaluation>Questions that do no appear in CurrentTrial>Questions.

Hi @ppvaldes,

Very interesting question. I decided to experiment, seems that this might help:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


It helps a lot! And I really appreciate the time you have taken to create this video. I think it then a matter on how I have the relationships so I can propperly setup the “contains” filters for my lists. I think I was overcomplicating this. I will give this a shot and keep you posted!! Thank you so much!!

Hi @ppvaldes,

Welcome :slight_smile: I would agree, that the whole setup is pretty complicated; it’s difficult to keep in mind all the databases and relations.
The example app is still there, so if you have any troubles in replicating this by video - please let me know.
The problem was challenging - which makes it much more interesting to solve it :wink:

Best regards, Victor.

Excellent stuff @Victor . Exactly the same method I would have implemented!

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Thanks @anon78309838.

I’m still in doubt reg. the best approach where to store answer options: either in separate answers collection, or as an additional fields in the same questions collection. See pros and cons for both approaches :thinking:

I normally try to store it in the existing collection if possible. Having too many relationships between other collections is not generally a good idea in db design.

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