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I’ve been working on a quiz app lately and already solved a bunch of problems myself and with the members of the community.

So I have Collections for each topic of the Quiz (I have 4 topics : droit civil, droit public, droit pénal, droit des affaires). The Collection stores questions, propositions and correct answer.

Here is the Home Screen
Capture d’écran 2020-10-22 à 22.07.00

I would like to have several quizzes for each topic. For example 20 quizzes of droit civil (Droit civil 1 ; Droit civil 2 ; Droit civil 3 etc.). Each containing 10 questions, good answers and 4 propositions.

To display the data i.e. questions and propositions I use the text magic on a Quiz Screen.

However, if I managed to make the quiz roll thanks to Victor i.e. answer to one question, then next questions and propositions are displayed and so on and on up to 10.

This only works for one quiz belonging to one topic for example “Droit civil 1”.
I’ve been working for several hours on visibility tricks but I assume I need several screens, at least for the different topics (droit civil, droit public, droit pénal, droit des affaires).

But even inside the topic, for the different quizzes belonging to one topic. Is there any better solution than creating 20 text fields and hiding them to display them smoothly for the user?

Any hint would be appreciated, thank you

Maybe you can do something similiar like this?

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Hi @johan,

Thank you for your input. I actually solved the repetitive screen issue thanks to this tutorial by Victor

However, in my situation or in your example, what if I want several quizzes ? That would imply several Collections with questions and answers but how to display the data of the right collection ?
i.e. if a user already answered to that quiz, show another quiz.

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Does anyone has any resources on that type of feature or is a quiz app actually not possible with Adalo?

Hi, @Sual

I’d like to say your idea is possible to create a custom component by yourself since there is no such a reusable/programmable feature on Adalo. As many nocode tools have such a limitation and they’re just a wrapper of programming. It’s good timing to learn some programming when you’re not satisfied with NoCode.

Here is another option to make it possible by combining multiple nocode tools;

Quiz part

(1) Create a reusable quiz template (e.g., bubble, airtable, etc)
(2) Filling the template with quiz data
(3) Collect & send a result of quiz with iPaaS to Adalo database (e.g., zapier/integromat/parabola)

Adalo part

(1) Show the quiz with the webview component (it’s already there :slight_smile: )
(2) You can show the user’s result by querying data on Adalo database.

I understand this is not 100% perfect but I want to tell you that there are many possibilities if you open your eyes to other tools rather than Adalo. I see you have a great idea and hope you find a reasonable solution :grin:

Done is better than perfect!

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Hi @amezousan,

Thank you for your message. I agree with you 100%. I’m not against combining no-code tools and it actually seems a good option.

But I even thought it was possible only with Adalo. My only problem is to display the data of the multiple Collections (quizzes) onto only one screen and thus to display multiple texts magic with conditional visibility.

I don’t see which no-code tool would help with that.

This is possible completely within Adalo itself. It will require a good understanding of databases and relationships as well as using some advanced conditional actions and/or visibility rules.

Although I cannot dive in to the specifics, I am certain after going through all our tutorials, you would have the knowledge to create this yourself in Adalo.

However, a quicker route, may be to hire an Adalo Expert coach for an hour or more to go through 1 to 1 with you on how to et this up.


If anyone sees this and has the same problem in the future. Here are the option I’m considering.

Either having one big collection with for example 1000 questions and display randomly a line with questions and proprositions A,B,C,D.
That would be the best way and I’ll investigate about random sorting or randomize text magic.

The other way, that I found for now is as follow :

  • I created several databases with 10 questions and propositions (i.e. 10 quizzes).
  • I created 10 text fields that are filled with text magic
  • I added a property to my user collection “number of questions answered”
  • I applied conditional visibility i.e. first text field is visible when number of questions answered is <10 ; second one is visible when number of questions answered is between 10 and 20 and so on and on.
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