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On one screen, I created a custom list with questions. Then I created two buttons, one entitled yes and the other no. Both of the buttons then go to separate screens with the answers. So the yes button is linked to a screen with an explanation of the answer. The no answer is linked to another screen with an explanation of the no answer. Is there any way to create a box on the answers screens that would take them to the next question (which is a custom list)?

Thanks in advance everyone for your help. I hope my questions are clear.

Hello Arsh,

Where are your buttons located ? Is there a yes/no button on each line of the list ?
Can you share a screenshot of the custom list ?

Thank you for your response. On one screen I have the custom list with the questions and a yes and no button. Then depending on whether a person answers yes or no, it goes to one of two different screens. There is a screen which gives the yes answer with a picture. At the bottom I would like the option for the person to be able to go to the next question on the list and not have to keep scrolling.

I have included the screenshot of the custom list, and the three screens where I have questions, buttons etc.

Thanks in

advance for your response.

If I understand your request correctly you’d like your users to come back to the question list when clicking on the next question button but without the past questions showing ?
In order to do so you would have to use filters to hide the questions already answered.
This is the only way I can think of, maybe someone else can help you better :slight_smile:

Hi Pierre,

Yes, I would like users to come back to the list at the next question (it’s ok if past questions show-- I just want the users to avoid having to scroll down 20 questions every time as that takes away from the experience). I’m ok thought to hide the questions they have answered. How do I filter them then?

I’m just trying to make the experience as user friendly as possible, so that users don’t have to scroll down many questions to answer the next question. I hope that how I have explained myself makes sense.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well the thing is that you can’t actually decide where your list is scrolled to when you come back to the page.
So it will by default show the whole list from the top and your users will have to scroll.

About hiding the questions, I would add to your Quiz collection a True / False property like “Answered” and add it as a filter in your questions list like “Answered is false”.

Then on your “Next question” button, you send back the user to your question list but also edit the current question property “Answered” to true. It then won’t show the question anymore in the list.

Only issue is that your users won’t be able to check those questions again…

Thank you Pierre for your answer.

So do you mean that the user can never see the questions again when they have completed them, or just while they are going through the questions. For example, if they went to the home screen and then chose to do the quiz again can they see the questions? Or if they logged out and tried the quiz again?

Well in order to be able to see them again you have to trigger the property “Answered” and switch it back to false. I’m not sure if you can update a bunch of records with one action though…

Thanks Pierre for all of your help.

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Hi @Arsh55,

Am I correct? : Quiz for Ash

Thank you

Hi Dilon,

Thank you so much. I am trying to figure out what you did and how to apply it to the layout of my app. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll provide an update shortly.

Many thanks,


Hi Dilon,

I copied everything that you put into the clone quiz into my app and I keep getting an Action Cannot be Completed Error Message when I go from the page where I can choose which quiz I want to take. Both of the two quizzes take me to a screen where it keeps loading and it says Action Cannot be Completed. Also, is there a way I can go back to the questions after competing the quiz… I don’t want them to disappear forever,

Can you please help? I thank you for all of your help so far.

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Ash, does it’s possible you to share the app with me? I mean clone of your app? You can send me a Private Message!

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