How do I add next button?

Hi all,

I have a listing page, and when I tap the item on the page, I show up the item details on another page. How do I show up the next item details on the same page when tapping the button? I couldn’t find a demo about it. If you direct me, I would appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

You have to do some Visibility and Form -Settings. I’m trying to explain it (don’t think there currently is a video about it) the way i am doing it:

  1. I have an empty screen called “placeholder”
  2. I put an empty input field (e.g. “name of a food menu”) here
  3. On the site with the items i am doing the following:
    a) Putting in the list with the listed items (e.g. “Food Menu Name”)
    b) Action here: Change Input Value of the empty input field in the “placeholder”-screen with the name of the food menu
    c) Having the details list and filter it “to the food menues name” and when it is true i displays the details i want.
    d) i also changed the visibility of this second “details” list → if the placeholder is empty: don’t show anything

On all “exits” of the screen (e.g. back button oder navigation) i reset the placeholder-input to an empty one

Sounds like a lot of work but i don’t know it better → but: it works for me :slight_smile:

Have a number property under User called ‘navigation’.

Have a number field on the database collection called “ID”

Display a list on your page filtered to 'ID = Logged in user > navigation".

The next button can update Logged In User > navigation, to “logged in user>navigation +1”

So hitting the button changes the item on the list to the next ID.

Thank you guys, I retrieve the next item from the list for the item details page. Let’s say. My DB hierarchy is User > Recipe, and I have pages Recipe List and Recipe Details. When I tap the Recipe item on the list (at the Recipe List page), it goes to the Recipe Details Page. I read all details then I tap the “Next” button on the Recipe Details Page. So I want to retrieve another Recipe Detail on the same page (Recipe Details Page).