How do I add next button?

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I have a listing page, and when I tap the item on the page, I show up the item details on another page. How do I show up the next item details on the same page when tapping the button? I couldn’t find a demo about it. If you direct me, I would appreciate it.

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You have to do some Visibility and Form -Settings. I’m trying to explain it (don’t think there currently is a video about it) the way i am doing it:

  1. I have an empty screen called “placeholder”
  2. I put an empty input field (e.g. “name of a food menu”) here
  3. On the site with the items i am doing the following:
    a) Putting in the list with the listed items (e.g. “Food Menu Name”)
    b) Action here: Change Input Value of the empty input field in the “placeholder”-screen with the name of the food menu
    c) Having the details list and filter it “to the food menues name” and when it is true i displays the details i want.
    d) i also changed the visibility of this second “details” list → if the placeholder is empty: don’t show anything

On all “exits” of the screen (e.g. back button oder navigation) i reset the placeholder-input to an empty one

Sounds like a lot of work but i don’t know it better → but: it works for me :slight_smile:

Have a number property under User called ‘navigation’.

Have a number field on the database collection called “ID”

Display a list on your page filtered to 'ID = Logged in user > navigation".

The next button can update Logged In User > navigation, to “logged in user>navigation +1”

So hitting the button changes the item on the list to the next ID.

Thank you guys, I retrieve the next item from the list for the item details page. Let’s say. My DB hierarchy is User > Recipe, and I have pages Recipe List and Recipe Details. When I tap the Recipe item on the list (at the Recipe List page), it goes to the Recipe Details Page. I read all details then I tap the “Next” button on the Recipe Details Page. So I want to retrieve another Recipe Detail on the same page (Recipe Details Page).

Here is my solution for displaying next and back buttons for lists filtered by category.
The hidden input is not needed.

The same list sorted in ascending order by the ID field is used as the “next” button.
Items with IDs greater than the current item are displayed.

The same list sorted in descending order by the ID field is used as a “back” button.
Items with ID less than the current item are displayed.

View demo:


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Thanks for sharing.

I learn a new trick here. :+1: