App speed...any update?

I’m aware that Adalo is switching over to different servers,

  1. will this improve app speed? (my app is currently in TestFlight and in Google play, not fully published). How will this affect TestFlight and apps in closed testing? Will it help? Not help?

I’m building a social network and the speed is…slow. My testers are patient but what can I tell them ?

2 . Is there a timeline on this?

  1. Does the amount of screens affect my apps speed? What can be done right now? I pay on the pro plan ($50/month), does this have anything to do with it?

Would love to have some insight. I’m trying to be patient but without any timeframe or timeline I have no idea what to expect for my app’s future and feeling a little in the dark.

Yep, this “should” give us better performance thanks to AWS’s capacity allocation and CDN, although if you have a User collection with 200K records I’m not so sure :sweat:.

AWS has the tech to scall big clusters but naturally, all this comes at an “expensive” cost, so really it depends on how Adalo is trying to find the right balance and optimizing this (Not an easy task).

I can’t speak on their behalf, but all I can say that they’re definitely on the job as performance and scalability are their top priorities at the moment.


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