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Hi, I have designed a quizz following this tutorial: Adalo quiz tutorial - make a database driven true or false quiz (without multiple screens) - YouTube . I have gotten stuck on two points though:

  1. Instead of creating a modal for the end of the quiz, I created a standard app screen because I want to add a chart and give the user the opportunity to return to the results in the future. Returning to the results is working fine, but I cannot seem to see the Attempt results on the new screen (i.e. in the tutorial the modal shows the score, but when I create it as a screen I can no longer show the score). Any suggestions?

  2. I have it working perfectly with 1 category of answers and I have it saving the results to continue later. However, I want it to now work as 1 quiz with multiple categories. For example, choose the Geography quiz and within the Geography quiz there are 5 questions on Europe, 5 questions on America, 5 questions on Asia. I need them all to be still within 1 quiz but I want to score each category individually so that, at the end of the quiz, I know how much I scored for Europe, America and Asia individually. Is this possible?


Hi @endangeredwildlife,

I have created a app called Quizzy! You can check here : My First App In Adalo - Quizzy

In there I have added categories but I didn’t added a list to show the attempts. But you can add them because I’m saving the attempts in a collection!

Will add that too because it seems like a great feature!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

Thank you so much for sharing - I will take a look and come back to you if I have more questions :slight_smile:

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Hi @dilon_perera

I wonder if you can help me on this one step.

So I have an EFC Category (like a Quiz) that is purchased. Once that is purchased it Creates a New Attempt. This attempt sets the Question at Number 1 and leads to the Start EFC page. This page is there to Update from a New Attempt to an In Progress Attempt. Once you click Continue it leads to the equivalent of Levels (Criteria). At the moment I broke the Link to the Questions because I am trying to do 1 intermediate step that allows each Level to be saved and prevents you from going back to question 1 once it is completed. I have succeeded in going to say question 4 if it is saved, but it keeps creating a New Attempt. I was trying to have it as Create New Attempt if Attempt Status is not New or the Number of Attempt questions is greater than 1, and then to Update instead of Create new. But I am not finding the Current Order or Attempt and thus it keeps failing to do what I want it to do.

Would appreciate any suggestions or advice :slight_smile:



Check if the current attempt data is missing in that screen. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnQQ5dfKZLY

Or you could create a one to many relationship between attempts and users and store the created attempt for the user in that property and update that property and you can set the condition for the create attempt action like create only logged in user’s > attempt > …

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