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Greetings to all!! I hope they are well.

I see and am using the “Horizontal Chip List” and I find it great to access a database from a “horizontal menu”.

But I need the help to be able to send from that Horizontal Chip List to a specific page of the app. will it be possible?

I would also appreciate if you could make a “Vertical Chip List”

@Colin @ashley I appreciate your help

And I’m sorry if I tagged you, I don’t know if it’s your topic.

Hi @Rene115 you can certainly send users to a specific page of the app. Is there something specific that you’re trying to do with it?

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The horizontal list can’t sent to different locations. Only one page. Correct me if I’m wrong but show me how to do it!

Greetings @pfordmedia . I certainly understand that the horizontal chip list redirects to a page where the elements of the database being called are displayed.

but I want to achieve that “each button of the” horizontal chip list "takes me to different pages.

for example … Button 1 of horizontal chip list takes me to page 2 with an independent menu of the app and Button 2 takes me to page 3 with a different menu … and so on

Hi @Rene115 – I found a couple of ways to achieve this but I am still testing which one is the most practical.

Once you place the Chip List you can create an action for each item with the following if statement. It can be equal to any collection property it makes sense for your build.


Perfect @hobokencloud thank you!!
I’m going to try it in the afternoon to see how it goes and then I’ll tell you about the results !!
Thanks a lot!

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