How can I use Star Rating in a Form?

I want my app to collect reviews and want to incorporate a star rating as one of the inputs. My form will incorporate text input, and image, and the star rating. How can I incorporate the star rating functionality into a form?

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This tutorial is made by Adalo!

How to Create a Star Rating System in Adalo - YouTube

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t need to create a Star Rating System, I just need to know how to incorporate the one installed from the marketplace into a form so that the input can be added to a database with the other inputs when the user hits a Submit button.

I think the big difference between my app and the video tutorial is that I don’t want the star rating to be entered into the database until the user hits a submit button. Therefore it would need to be part of a form connected to the submit button.

Currently it’s not possible to use the start component within a form, unless you build the form out of individual components, but what you could do is have a collection called Rating with the star values in there as records. Then, have a one to many relationship (one rating has many items) to the items the form creates and add the Rating as a dropdown within the form.

How do I build a form out of individual components? If I build my own form, can I include the star rating component from the marketplace in that form?

You just create all the labels, text input fields etc and arrange them like a form. You don’t use a form component at all. Then you make a button called submit which could create new Restaurant (for example)

Name > input field 1
Location > input field 2
Description > input field 3

So you are replicating form behaviour manually using different components.

Is there a video or something showing how this would be done? From what I’ve read, it seems like you have to create a list from all of the components. If someone could make a quick video showing how a custom form is made, it would be most helpful (especially if one of the components in the form was the star rating tool from the marketplace). Thanks!

Hi John,

I made a video on how to create a custom form with components. From what I’ve tried, it’s not really possible to put a star rating in a form.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the video. That was very helpful! I think I can create a form now. It didn’t look like there was any list creation involved, is this correct? Do you think Adalo has any plans to make it possible to include star ratings in a form?

I’m glad the video was helpful!

I don’t think Adalo has any plans for star rating in a form because it’s not that high of a priority for other users and the company itself. You could create a Feature Request for it.

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