How can we pass User Info from the Login Screen to Home Page

I noticed that my Home Screen has not Data linked to it from the Login Screen. It seems it should be passing the user data to the Home screen so it can be passed to further screens, should it not?

How can this be linked? (Or does it need to?)

@TonyD I don’t think you’ll need that. try to put a textbox on your homescreen and try showing the logged in user there to test, if it shows the correct logged in user, you’re good to go! :slight_smile:

It would show logged in user, but the user data would not get passed. Seems like it should?

I do face this issue when I try to rewire some of the screens, in most cases I delete the connections between screen and redo it to fix the problem, not sure if there’s a better way to do it.

Hi @TonyD,

Logged-in User data is always available on any screen. You will not see it in “Available data” section.

As a side note - please don’t confuse “Logged-In user” (which is kind of “built-in”) with “Current User” (which is like any other record from any collection).



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