Home Screen Linked Data Workaround

I need to link data to the home screen so I can continue getting feedback on the user’s location visit after an allotted time. My issue is that once the user signs into the location, the current visit data can’t be sent to the home screen. Any suggestions?

How are they going back to the home screen? Are they clicking a button? If so, make it a list and make it a list of visit’s. Then filter it down and have it set to “Maximum: 1”

Then the screen should have this visit data on it, sourced from the button they clicked

To confirm, this can be done even if the next screen is the home screen? I ask as I thought data could not be sent to the home screen. The process I’m trying to build:

  1. User enters the app (home screen) and selects a location to visit
  2. User scans QR code at location to signs in; completing sign in shoots the user back to the home screen
  3. User completes feedback on the visit after a certain time (Let’s say ~40 mins). I want the app to open up to the feedback screens automatically when the user enters the app again (like after an Uber of Lyft ride, the app has you rate the driver).

The issue of linking data seems to be additionally problematic given the home screen isn’t the first screen and each proceeding screen (signup, login, etc.) has to send the visit data to it…very confused on uncertain on what to do.

Hi @Emeka
The Home must be accessible just on logged in users.
The first screen is accessible without any login and can’t be a Home screen.
May be you can create 2 home screen, but the first is accessible withot login and the second is reserved.
But I’m not sure you need that.

Hi @Emeka ,

  1. Add location in users collection so you can save them with logged in users
  2. If user already signup, there is no need to sign in
  3. Use auto refresh custom list to show the feedback

Thanks EvilDice, this is a decent workaround but what happens if the user closes or force closes the app? Which “home screen”, 1 or 2, am I supposed to make the “actual” home screen?

If the user force closes the app, the next time they open it, the app will go to the “actual” home screen which can’t receive data and therefore can’t see any to the feedback screens

Hey @Emeka ,
It’s a beginning idea.
Normally in the app, after the first login, the user will be taken always to the logged in home.
You have to set the private home as Home of the app.
And set it to come back to the public home if the user is not logged in.

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