Linked data unavailable in Homescreen

I have a page that should be the homescreen for the app, so when the user signed in, used the app, closed it completely - he gets sent back to it, because he isn’t signed off.

This homescreen page is rather deep in the app build so the user gets asigned many database links and this certain homescreens content is also very highly dependend on those database entries.
Problem is, I found out that all the data links vanish on the page when making it the homescreen which makes this a pretty ugly error…
Is there a option to have linked data in the homescreen?

I believe welcome screen and home screen can’t have linked data. This is because users can access these screens when they open the app, in which case, data can’t be linked there.

You need to have the users getting there from a place where the relevant data is always chosen.

Hey @Twiio – I had a similar issue but used a countdown and hidden list to overcome the issue. I need the data to be derived from any page so the hidden countdown and list housed the data on my home screen. I hope this strategy works with your use case.

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