How do you overcome a creative block?

When you get stuck, what are some things you do? We have a great article on that here, but I’m curious what y’all do when you hit mental roadblocks.

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A well written article. Thanks.

I rarely have CREATIVE blocks.
I seem to ALWAYS have technical blocks in understanding. haha

One technique I use to be more creative is to ask the question,

  1. What if… ? …Sometimes dozens of times.
  2. Also, I see many people make a sketch or 3. That’s usually not enough. Try making 50+
  3. Deprive yourself of sleep. Works for me. And this is how WOZ created color for video games at Atari :wink:

If you have any technical tips. hit me up;)

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First thing I’m doing is open Spotify and listening some musics.

  • Then I watch AGT videos, Mr Bean’s videos on Youtube.

  • Playing with my brother and sister.

  • Playing the Keyboard.

  • Taking a good sleep.

  • Watching some Rugby matches. Rugby is my favorite sport :rugby_football:

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  • Take a step back.
  • Disconnect from that work.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Sleep on it.

The best one for me is to sleep on it. Sleep is a powerful tool that, among many other things, helps organise thoughts, ideas and problems. Making it easier to find a solution.

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