How much data to keep the app stable?

How many How much data is ideal for the application to continue running normally? I entered approximately 70 thousand data from Excel, and the application stopped running.

Hey Agung, you’ve got a thread on this already can you avoid duplicating.

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Hello, it usually depends primarily on how you’re displaying the data. So you can add thousands of records in the database but please make sure not to display them all in a single list.

Thank you!

Do you mean I have to limit the data that will be displayed in the application?
If there are 50 thousand user data in the database, should I limit what is displayed on the screen to only 50?
Is that what you mean?

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I’ve limited it, but it’s still not responsive

Loads for me. Preview tab was using approx 80MB memory.

Hello, yes. Displaying thousands of records in a single together might slow down your list’s performance. If you’re still experiencing the issue, please make sure you deactivate the (Auto refresh option) in the list if activated.

Thank you!

From the start I didn’t activate auto refresh

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