How not to do not proceed with the purchase

hi guys, I’m doing a subtraction operation between the products that I loaded into the database and those that the customer would like to buy … how can I not make the customer continue to pay if the result is negative? example: 10 pieces of glasses and the customer selects 11, I want the customer not to be able to proceed with the payment. thank you

Hi Jenny,

If the amount is equal to or less than 0, use conditional visbility to remove the stripe component and have a proceed button. You’ll need to set up the relevant actions on the second button, similar to what you have on the stripe component, except they won’t pay.


hello, i can’t understand you … can you show me an example with some photos? thanks to the availability

So if the amount of anything is equal to 0 or less than 0 then change the visibility to not be visible.


Change visibility → Sometimes Visible → If the amount of " is less than or equal to 0.

hi, thanks guys … didn’t know about this hidden folder …: :)))))