How to add the x parents to the chatroom about their child?

Hi there,

I (teacher) have a page with one custom list item of a student. I can add his/her parents to that list item (horizontal list).

If I click on the chat icon, I want to open a chatroom with all parents/guardians of this student:

For some reason, I cannot add the parents nor the student to the chatroom. It doesn’t give me this update new chatroom option:

I can only add the logged-in user. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or how I can achieve this? Thanks for every help!

Hi @Toms ,

Try creating chatroom for student when you create the student, then
when linking parents/guardians to student, add them to chatroom.

So when clicking the chat icon, it will need link action only, because create and update actions has been done previously.

That sounds like a good idea @Yongki. I tried it, but I don’t get it working (yet).

I create the room when adding a student:

I add the logged-in user (teacher to the room):

Then when adding a parent, I don’t know how to find this Chatroom, so that I can add the parent:

I’m adding a parent to a student, so it would mean I need to have the chatroom id also in the student collection somehow, right? Then I should be able to add the parent to the chatroom with the same chatroom id? The problem might be that the same parents can have multiple chatrooms with different teachers for the same student.

If you put student in another collection other than users collection, that means this student does not have access to login.

If the teacher is responsible for inputting student data, there could be multiple students created for each teacher.

It is better to sort this database design first before continuing.

For invite parents, there should be a unique code sent, so that they can be assigned to the correct student.

For multiple chatrooms with different teacher for the same student, that would need additional linked field to teacher collection (which I assume you put into users collection), this can be used during filter to get the right chatroom.

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