How to attach a PNG/image with a clear background on another pic in Adalo

Hi All,

This may very well be a very basic question; but I’m having difficulty attaching a PNG/image with a clear background on top of another image in Adalo.

Attached is an example; in the background I have a ocean backdrop with 2 Clown fish (Nemo) images superimposed. How do I remove the background so its transparent (like the image on the right?).


Not sure if its the file format of image downloaded (ie PNG vs JPG) or a Edit hack within the app?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
TIA, Roland

Hi Roland, it will probably be the image format. You need PNG with transparent background. To easily remove a background, consider getting a free trial of Canva pro - there is a background removal tool.

Also I’d suggest editing the background image to include the second fish- having multiple images on top of each other could affect performance or lead to unexpected layour issues.

Thanks, seems to be the format (PNG).

Not sure why it didn’t work the first time I tried that.

Thanks for the tips!

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