How to avoid List to go under Bottom Navigation?

I setup my list to end before Bottom Navigation (see screen2) but it does (see screen1).
What is the right way to solve this problem?
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Ciao Fabio,

The first screenshot you shared shows that the list object covers all the space down to the bottom action bar. This doesn’t mean that the items in the list are “resized” to fit into this space, but rather that the list can occupy all the green-bordered space in your app’s screen and the list’s content “scrolls” into this space only. So if you have 4, 5, or more elements, the user will need to scroll down to see them, still seeing also the elements above and below the space designated for the list.

So it’s the expected behavior.

If you want to avoid scrolling, you’d need to look into resizing the base component.
Also consider that the final result might depend on the target device’s screen resolution.

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Grazie Enrico.

I realized I forgot a thing in my previous text.
In screen 2 I scrolled down untill the last element of the list. This element is partially covered by the Bottom Navigation. This is what I would like to fix: I would like that when I scroll untill the end of the List, the last element is not covered by the Bottom Navigation.

So if I understood, the only way to avoid that the last element of the List is covered by the Bottom Navigation is to not use Bottom Navigation in this layout.

Hi @paladinodeimari,

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So in the preview if you scroll the screen it stops at like in the 2nd screenshot? Could you drag the screen a bit down and put a rectangle between the list and bottom bar? And make the rectangle transparent too!

Thank you

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