How to change the font-size inside a text button, and set button press animation to 'none'?

I can add a text button and change its width, but I can’t change its height.

I have text inside this text button that I want to increase its size, but there is no capability to change the font size inside a text button.

Also, how do I set the animation to ‘none’ when a button is pressed ?


This’ll be one of those things you need to create yourself.
Just use one of the ‘Simple’ rectangle components, round out the corners to get it looking like you want it, add the text, whatever size or colour you want and there you have it.
Top tip, make both elements (the button shape and the text a group) that way way when a user taps it they’ll always activate the button.
Hope this helps.

Oh ok, thats a good tip about making it a group.

And the button animation? At the moment its a slow gray rectangle which gradually appears.
I know there is an option to turn this off (I am coming from a KivyMD background), just wondering where that animation turn_off is in Adalo?

(Also, the animation is always rectangle even if the button is rounded).

Ah, right, errm, no, you don’t get to play with the animation unfortunately, it is what it is…
The best you can do is to have two states for your button, one on top of the other, with the button changing a value in your users profile when it’s tapped.
There’s probably a video tutorial, or an explanation which’ll go into it in greater detail (I don’t have time at the mo I’m afraid…gotta make dinner for the family :slight_smile:


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thanks - I think I’ve seen a similar tutorial, where the guy was marking an item as a favorite, and the heart icon graphic was changing. I’ll re-watch that.

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