QR Code Automatically Updating Users

Afternoon everyone,

I’m trying to find a better way to perform an action in an app we built. We have users that have printed QR codes, when the code is scanned, we want to update the user’s status.

Right now, if you scan the code, it’ll filter the user list, if you click the user, it’ll update their status to equal the drop down. That’s 1 by 1 though and if there are a lot of users (there could be 100’s) being scanned in a row, it’s pretty slow.

I’m wondering - has anyone found a good way to automatically filter to the correct user by the QR code and update that user? Or are you always going through the intermediary step?

Thanks in advance!

cc: @Victor as you’re the expert on bulk updates haha. I thought through a few ways how maybe we could get this to work with the timer, but couldn’t figure it out.

Hi @Erik,

As far as I understood your setup & question… Please have a look here: https://youtu.be/Dfofeh7kh1c


Wow! Thank you for this. I definitely went to the right source :grin: never would’ve thought of that myself.

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