How to Connect Google Sheet and AirTable plus How to navigate around in Adalo

Hey! I am New here in Adalo and the question I am asking is obviously clear to solve for Pros who have been using Adalo for a while but for me I am completely new. So yeah.

Hi @Kona_Daniel,

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Parts of your question are a bit unclear. What exactly would you like to achieve? It is difficult to explain “how to navigate around” :slight_smile:

Airtable could be connected as an external collection, please see here: Airtable - Adalo Resources

As for Google Sheets - you can’t connect them directly, but there are plenty of 3rd party integration tools out there, like Integromat or Zapier.

Best regards, Victor.

Hello Victor,

Thanks for Solving the first Question.:blush:

Sorry for my Bad Grammar for the first Question.

I see people go from one screen to another (not in the preview) using their trackpad. They can also zoom in and out of screens. So can these be done by mouse since I don’t have a trackpad?