How To Connect to User Database?

I have a database of existing users on a app.

I can use a Custom Action to get a user logged in / signed up on the Bubble side, but I need a way to export the current Bubble user database and import it into Adalo to be able to login/signup users.

And then as users are updated, I need to sync those changes between Adalo and Bubble…

I also don’t know if the password will be in a secure hash format or not (assuming yes, on the bubble side) adding additional complexity authenticating the user.

Right now I’m authenticating and then saving the Auth_Token and User_ID provided in the API response to the login/signup workflow to the User collection inside Adalo. I’m hoping to be able to use this data in subsequent calls but can’t sort out how to sync the two user databases so that the login/signup’s can actually happen successfully.

We are currently working on a way to do this. The feature will be able to bring in External Users from any 3rd party service.

You can keep track of the progress of this feature here: 3rd Party Authentication | Voters | Adalo


I just made a complete series with all important questions:

How to synchronize user data
How to display and filter data from Bubble in Adalo
How to update data in Bubble from Adalo.

Maybe it is helpful for some of you :wink:



Where are the other tutorials?

What if we already have Bubble Users and the Adalo user goes to login, but Adalo doesn’t have that same Bubble user yet?

We need to create a user in Adalo if no user exists in adalo during the login flow?

Or can we import all of the bubble users and passwords into adalo before making the adalo app live?

In their youtube channel.

If email or password is different then no sync happened.

As of now, we can’t import directly through csv file, but we can have another collection and later can update to users collection.


Found the tutorials! - thanks :slight_smile:

So we can export the Email and Password (hash format I assume from Bubble) and import it into Adalo as a separate Data Type and then move the Data inside Adalo to the User Table? If so, how do we move the data?

We have to wait the answers from her then. :grinning:


Any input yet on this @SarahBiberei ?

Hey guys,

I’m so sorry, I actually never thought someone would reply here, so I didn’t check until you tagged me and I got an email.

So I couple of things I like to mention.

  1. I don’t think it is possible to export users with hashed passwords from I haven’t seen this.
  2. If you have users already in Adalo but not in Bubble you would need to develop a kind of synchronization for example if the next time they are logging in (depending on the application).
  3. If you do already have users in bubble and users in Adalo you need to synchronize the passwords. The easiest way in my mind is to force the user changing its password. There is a backend workflow in Bubble which allows you to change the user’s password. I haven’t done this (in my examples I always started with the synchronization from the very beginning), but with some work I think this is doable.

Please tag me the next time so that I can see if you need more help :wink:



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