How to create a video tinder like app swiping video content?

Thank you! Yes, all the filters and functions seem to work well and populate the right data in the database as I planned, but it’s not switching the videos :frowning:

I checked a 100 times. I’ll also try true/false as you recommended, maybe it could help

great idea!

You mean the same user displayed? Is it possible to show your setup, database and the preview from a video?

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I will try to record. Thank you for trying to help

Hi @Danil ,

You might gain more knowledge by watching this video from @theadaloguy ,

and check this thread,

You can replace deck swiper with custom list, well actually custom list can replace lots of things.


@Yongki Thank you! I did, great video, but it is not relevant as deck swiper doesn’t work with video. only pictures :frowning:

I made replacement using custom list and custom list can contain most of the components including video.

Thank you, yes I did the custom list right in the beginning, but I cannot figure out why it’s not working, I shared the details above.

Follow the video and apply it into custom list.

Here is what it looks like in my case,


Danil, the problem that you are facing is the user is not changing?

thank you, I will. where can I find the video? The previous one you’ve sent me was about the deck swiper component, so I guess not that one.

Dilon, that is correct

Is it possible to share this app as clonable or give access for this email? ( Click the gear icon on the left side > app access section > add this email : )

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They work the same, it is a replacement, so that video should be enough.

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Thank you Dilon, I’ve sent you the access. Please see your email.

thank you, Yongki, I’ll try

You were right, it worked! Thank you so much!

@Yongki @dilon_perera @iGotDinero @mrentrekin Guys, thank you all for your help. I felt so frustrated but now I keep moving on!

Could you all please have a look at my second question related to this one? I’d appreciate your guidance. Vertical Video recording - How would I let a User to create it

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Sorry for this late reply! I believe Yongki’s post already solves your problem! But I saw you have sent me a email and I sent a updated app! And sending here too! : GGW Matching Copy for Community help

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