Vertical Video recording - How would I let a User to create it

Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well!
I’m trying to let users record a short vertical video at the signup screen. Limit it to 1 min, restrict recording of horizontal videos, and then display it for other users in a Vertical full-screen mode (Always) and add on top buttons Like & Dislike.

The second question is, how do I store the videos to avoid running out of storage and keep it as low-cost as possible?

Thank you for your help!

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I’d check out this guy. He’s a pro.

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Hi @Danil,

I’m not sure if there’s a component for record a video vertical and only the way that I know to update videos is using the file picker! I think once you click on the file picker to select a file you can record a one too! ( not sure ) And you can post this component request in this category as a new topic! : #jobs-freelance and also here : Adalo Feedback

But there’s a component made by @Michael for show that video as vertical and full screen! : 🐒 Vertical Video | New Component from NoCode Monkey And after adding that you can add like & dislike buttons!

You can store the videos outside and then get the URL and store it inside Adalo and show it!

Adalify is a one that @mrentrekin mentioned and @theadaloguy created!

Thank you

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