How to create free and paid version?

I would like to set up a free version of app that stores limited data and a paid version that allows unlimited data storage. I set up Stripe.

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Good question.

To make sure you are understood,

This is more of the same data types… as you stated…just more storage. correct?
And not, More data types AND more storage for paid users.

I’m an intermediate Adalo user. So, I am not sure. But,

I would guess that you

  • add a true/false in the users collection. paid vs free.
  • create a duplicate collection for the data you are charging for, and direct the data / user accordingly.
  • relate them so that the same user, can access the same data, regardless if they move back and forth from the paid plan. :thinking:

So, users are essentially paying for state of the true / false property

I’m tagging along to follow the thread and learn; since it’s Stripe.
And, perhaps get some pointers / help / tutorials …

I’m looking for how to:

  • Prepay for credits using Stripe.
  • Show those credits in Adalo.
  • Then, deduct those credits based off of a click action.

I am a beginner. It is too difficult for me to understand. Do you know any tutorials or reading materials related to this topic?

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It depends on where you are in your learning journey.

If you’re completely new to Adalo (and / or development),
I would suggest starting from the beginning.

If / once you are comfortable with the basics of using:

  • design components, such as text, images, lists, and forms

  • Actions, such as linking to screens using buttons, saving editing info, and deleting.

  • Data base, creating collections, properties, records, relations

(you can search Adalo documentation or the Academy for those terms)

Then, you can learn:

  • True / false

  • conditional visibility

Then, you may be ready for Stripe.

So, I hope that answers your question.

You need to learn the basics, first.
If all the stuff mentioned above looks like a lot, it’s not that bad. You can probably get pretty good with all of these concepts with 1- 3 days of watching tutorials and practicing.

My recommendation: Put your app idea to the side, follow the tutorials. Build what they build. Or, even make something more simple. Just learn the concepts before starting something more complex.

Thank you. I think I understand the basic.

How can I limit the storage? For example, user can save 3 journals limit for free. How can I set up?

I have not built something like that.

So, I don’t know.

I would search for and learn:

“Math” and/or “Custom formulas”

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