How to Create Home menu page with images that then goes to different sub pages?

Hi! So, I have read the resources about how to setup “Links” and I have watched the tutorial on “Working with Data,” but I still need a bit of guidance. I am trying to create a home menu page that displays 6 images that allows for each image to take the user to DIFFERENT subpages. In the “Working with Data” video it shows that when you click the trip image, it take you to the trip details… But for my particular menu, it image needs to take the user to the specific details for that image. For example, the Prayer image, needs to take the user to the details about that and the Bible Study image needs to take the user to the various class details. I have separate screens created, I just don’t know how to link them.

Just build your own page with images and then link each to a page. Don’t use a list.

Hey @XLteam welcome to the forums.

As Hugh mentioned above you can use individual images and have each link to a separate screen but then you also need to create a separate screen for each too. This is not the most scalable method and it’s very static.

My suggestion is to set to the properties within the collection for each bit of information you will need on these pages. Then create a single page that is linked to from these images that will be able to display what you need dynamically.

Each of these methods will work, it is up to you to decide which is the most efficient way for you to work.

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