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I am trying to setup a Dynamic Menu on the home page of my app where the menu items will consist of icon squares on the page that will send the user to the corresponding list page of the menu item being clicked (i.e. “Users” Menu Icon brings them to a list of users, “Inventory” Menu Icon brings them to a list of Inventory Items, etc…).

From the list page, I want to send the user to a create screen for the current menu selection (i.e. User, Inventory, etc…), as well as to an edit page for the current menu selection (i.e. User, inventory, etc…).

The goal is to setup as few pages as possible to keep the app lean.

The collection structure for the menu items on the home page is as follows;

Collection: Menu Icons
Propertys; Name, Description, Image, Is Active (true or false)

This works just as it should in a list, by showing all of the menu icons.

However, this is where it ends. When you go to setup the action that sends the user to the list page once the menu item has been clicked, we cannot pass any parameters to the list page to tell it what to show in the list. I tried to fix this by creating a relationship between the menu items collection and then inventory collection and that worked, but you can only send parameters for a single collection to be shown on the list page, instead of dynamically sending information for the chosen menu item, so that was a fail as well.

The only way I see being able to do this is to setup the menu icons on the home page one by one, using rectangles, images and text and then manually linking each to their own list pages and then linking the list pages to the create and update pages.

Is there any other way to perform this with minimal page creation and allowing me to create a dynamic menu where when they are added they will automatically show up on the front end and link to their appropriate list page, create page and update page? Or will I have to manually add new icons and pages when needed?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You have pretty much answered your own questions I’m afraid.

Static menus - for now. They have the advantage of being quicker to load than a list would in any case.

There may come a deep linking wizard with some ideas.

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