How to extract data/images from database

I am looking to use my build for field techs. The idea is for them to receive job details at the start of the day then fill out a form and upload images when the job is complete. I need to be able to extract the data/images for historical storage afterward. I am wondering if this would work. Thank you.

Hi @rholbrook ,


Create collection of job details and link to users collection.

Use form component that can show image input as well.

As long as you have relationship correct, you can filter them by users and if needed have a date or date time field to get sorting, or other fields that need to be calculated.

Okay, thank you very much. Will I be able to download these images as well? We have a second CRM that we would like to store the photos in for historical purposes.

Once the image is in collection, you will get URL in the magic text that you can use to open this in the browser, so it can then be passed through other apps.

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