How to filter options within a dropdown based on the selection of a previous dropdown

For example, in the previous drop down, If i pick cars, then on the next drop down I want only manufacturers relating to cars to show up. If I choose trucks on the first drop down, then I want only truck manufacturers to show up in the next drop down.

My current data base set up is…(see image):

I have figured it out myself, a lot easier than I thought.

For example, If I want only certain vehicle makes to show relating to cars, then:

  1. In the data base, there obviously has to be 2 collections. 1 collection called “vehicle type” which contains RECORDS within it listing all vehicle types such as car, truck, van, boat, etc…
    Another collection called “vehicle make” which contains RECORDS within listing all vehicle manufacturer makes (Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, etc…)

  2. You create a relationship with “vehicle type” and “vehicle make” collections. VT can have multiple VM’S and VM belongs to one VT.

  3. When adding all the records in vehicle make (Bmw, Volkswagen, Ford, etc…), make sure you select which “vehicle type” record it is related to.

  4. Then, create 2 dropdowns, one listing the records of “Vehicle type” collection and the other listing the records of “vehicle make” collection.

  5. In the “vehicle make” dropdown, the filter options are: All make, then under customer filter, Current make > vehicle type > Name


other components > find “vehicle type” dropdown > name.

Please reply if anybody has any questions…

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