How to link to current screen


I want to link and move from the current screen to the current screen again, but can’t…

For example, when I am in the HOME screen and want to go to the HOME screen again, I can’t choose current screen.(I can choose only except current screen).

Is there any way to do what I want?


Any specific reason you want to do that?

You can do it by creating a blank screen, when the user clicks on HOME icon for example, you can send the user to the blank screen & then on the blank screen you can add an action (when the screen loads), redirect to HOME. [It is important to set the transition to None so that user doesn’t feel there’s a redirect from blank screen]

This way, it goes to blank screen and immediately returns to home screen.

Hi @simm,

Another option could be to create a button/element/etc. with action linking to Home screen on some other screen, and then move this button to Home screen.

But I second @bhanu’s question - why would you need this? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, @bhanu and @Victor!
I did following both of your ways. Thank you :heart_eyes:

why would you need this?
Sorry, I should have explained the cases first.
I have some cases that I need to link to the current screen again.

For example, this screen is like an online lecture app.
A course has some lessons. If user is in the Lesson screen as ‘lesson 1’ & clicks the ‘NEXT’ button, I want the user to go to the ‘lesson 2’. But Lesson 2 is also Lesson screen.

Another similar case,

This is very simple sample that has Posts List and the detail screen. On the detail screen, there are the creator’s other photo lists below, And If the user click the photo, I want to send the user to the detail screen of the photo.

But I solved both of them, thanks to you.

Hi @simm,

Ok, thanks for the explanation.

What I would have done in your case - I’d have a “LessonID” property in “Lessons” collection; have each lesson an ID like 1,2,3,…, then have a “selected lesson ID” property in Users collection.
After that on the “Lesson Details” screen I would put a list of Lessons (autorefresh=on), filtered by Logged-In User ->selected lesson ID (of course when I start the whole process the selected lesson ID should be initialized as “1”).
As a result, on the “Lesson Details” screen there will be the lesson displayed with the ID = selected lesson ID. When user clicks “Next Lesson”, the ID could be changed to next lesson, list is refreshed.

Just leaving this here if you decide to look at the alternatives :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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