Linking back to current sheet


Are there any smooth ways in which we can link to the sheet i’m currently on?

I have setup a modal screen which links automatically back to the sheet I am on however there is some delay and it doesnt look ideal/smooth.

  1. Are there any workaround
  2. Is this something which could be supported in the future?


I’m not sure what you mean by linking back to a sheet, sorry.

Apolgies not very clear

What i meant was if im on a screen and i want to go back to that screen after a user selects something on that screen e.g. im viewing a current Item which has been listed, within this screen there is another list of all items and i want to then view that item.

I’d need to select the item and create an action to Link > Item screen (but this is the screen i’m currently on). I’ve done this by automatically linking to a blank screen and then back to the Item screen

The way you have implemented it, is currently, the best way to be doing it. I usually play a short “loading” animation on the blank screen.

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