How to Make Flashcards

I’m trying to create a studying app where users can flip through flashcards. I want there to be some kind of flip animation and I want it to be as close to something like Quizlet as possible, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Does anyone have suggestions?

There is way to do that!

Step 1, press plus button in adalo.


Step 2, Scroll down until you see this.


Step 3, Scroll down until you find “Deck Swiper”

Step 4, Make it work and place it in your app to your desired place.

Step 5, remove “Like” or “NAH” and add anything else related!

“Amazing tool for amazing person like you!” -Went too far with qoute…

I made a very quick cloneable on how this can be achieved.

Feel free to clone it and improve it where necessary!

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Hi @B0untiful_26 and @Colin, thanks for your responses; they are very helpful!

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