Multiple Data Relationships for Input Field


I’m having issues with handling data relationships in Adalo.

My data relationships:
A User can have Many Passes
A User can visit Many Gyms
A Pass can only belong to A Gym AND A User

My user flow is:

  1. Home Screen: Click on Add Pass button
  2. Gym Search Screen: Search for Gym to add Passes to (Passes Current Gym data to the Add Passes Screen)
  3. Add Passes Screen: Input No. of Passes to add for Current Gym (Stuck: Can’t seem to get the logic of “Add No. of Passes to Current User’s Current Gym’s Passes” to work)
  4. Success Screen: Input is added to the Current User’s Current Gym’s Passes.

I was watching this video tutorial. However, this seems to only work when there is a [1 User to Many Trips], [1 Trip to Many Activities] hierarchical relationship.

Is there anyway that I can handle my above use case without altering the user flow?

Hi FelixT,
Maybe the “premises” behind this tutorial can help you in what you need.

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Thanks Sebastas! Do you think there’s anyway to do it without the use of a dropdown field? There’s a pretty long list of gyms and from what I understand, dropdown fields aren’t searchable in Adalo.

So you want to make a sort of Shopping cart? Where user goes through Gyms and adds every passe he wants from a specific Gym and then the list is in the “Add Passes screen” and he submits successfully?

The way I see it at a high glance (Just did a draft in my head), I would do like this, since ADALO does not have yet (I assume multiple shopping products from different places in collection):

  1. User goes to Gym “page” and clicks the pass. The pass here is added Immediately to the Collection “User Passes” but with a “True/False” field and flagged as “False”, user goes to another Gym and does same process, same situation happens. When finally he goes to a Screen “Adds pass” all the passes and Gyms are there, and you can make a condition, that if he does “Submit”, it will just turn all Passes to “True” and they can be used. If he leaves the app or says cancel, you can a process to Mass delete the choices or “Save for Later” (This one is nothing more than leaving the choices as “False”), so if to user changes decision later. Victor here in the forum has a good video in how to mass update/delete Lists, this might give you some ideas. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it is what comes in top of my head :D.

Hi @FelixT,

There is a Multiselect Dropdown with search capabilities, you can find it in the Marketplace. The logic is different from the regular dropdown though.

As for your initial question, I don’t quite understand the whole business process here. Should each pass be unique (i.e. User could have 2 passes to the same Gym)?

Or pass stores the number of entries to the Gym, i.e. if there is a Pass record with User/Gym connection, the “payload” for this “Pass” record is the number of entries?

Best regards, Victor.

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