How to manipulate images in Adalo with ImgIX

Hi there,

Some video how to use ImgIX API to manipulate images in Adalo. You can adjust a lot of parameters for the images: quality, size, blur, orientation, … - almost everything which ImgIX allows!

I can’t say this is an “official” method to manipulate images, though according to my knowledge ImgIX is the only CDN used for images in Adalo. Enjoy!



Hi @Victor,
Quite interesting since I made tests with AWSs3 being served via Imagekit (I will make a video soon).

When using Geolocation it gives me the Adalo server location in US; so I assume using Adalo’s Platform, my ImageKit CDN will still serve the Image to US while then Adalo showing in Frontend to someone in Asia/Europe and so on. Wondering if they will fix this once geolocation is also available.

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Hi @JL_LJ,

Please share the video reg. AWS S3 + ImageKit, that will be useful!


Thank you @Victor for this info, again. :pray:
I was trying to apply it in order to download QR Codes (How to download (save local) QR code generated image?) but &dl function does not interpret the QR URL as an image.
Do you have any idea of a another workaround that may allow to download the QR?
Thank you!

@Victor would this work to be able to resize the image so that there’s no need for crop?

Hi @jencass97,

Based on what I see here: Size | imgix Documentation, it should be possible.
Keep in mind thought that this will not affect original image stored in Adalo; it will only affect the image displayed in the app.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @ionutilie,

I’ve answered in that topic.


hi @Victor
I used to use a custom action to upload an image from the image picker to cloudinary, get the URL of that image and display the image, but suddenly it’s no longer available.

Is it because cloudinary can’t access ImgIX?
Can’t I use the cloudinary API as before?

I’m sure some of you will be asked the same question, so I would appreciate it if you could answer.

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Hello @yyamasita,

I don’t see how Cloudinary and ImgIX could be related. This tutorial describes how to work with ImgIX API, when images are stored in Adalo’s database.

Best regards, Victor.

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