Link to database fields

I try to connect InputFields with database fields. But I don’t get current user or fields from a table (only count).
My workaround:
I don’t have a register or login screen. I start with a screen, which should display the values of a table named user. There is only one user, that should possible to update but not create a new one.
On the other screens I have a custom list box, every screen has an own database table at source. There I can display my values.
After the user checked what he want all has to be saved in a table and displayed in a list on the page history. On selecting one of the history entrys the values on the screen sites should be checked again.
I wrote it because perhaps you can see a wrong way.

How can I connnect fields with a database field ? How to display the only sentence in one table on starting the app ? And how to delete the create new user button and replace it with an update button ?

Sorry for long text and all these questions.

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