Text box not saving text

I made a journal app and the text box isn’t saving the text people are writing. Can someone help? I downloaded the app, and it’s saved for me, but it won’t do it for the users.

Hi Kelcey,

Can you take some screenshots of what you mean? Are you saving the text in the database?

When I write in these boxes, and close the app, the text goes away

I’m not sure what you mean. The app is already published, and my users aren’t able to view their journal entries after they close the app again

Would love to get this fixed ASAP since I already have subscribers

I got this reply from my ticket. Can someone please walk me through how to fix this?

I replied in the other post you created.

Please, only create one post per subject. Creating multiple posts for the same subject only generates noise for the rest of the community. :pray:


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