How to send push notification to all app users


On forum & slack lot of time, I saw the question that how can I send push notification to all my app users.

It’s pretty easy to do that, if you are using firebase for your app (I think you should) there is an option cloud messaging under section GROW to send push notification to iOS & Android users.

Click on a new notification & enter the details you want in notification & hit send now or schedule

And all your app users will receive the notification in seconds.

Very interesting. To clarify, this means you are NOT using the Adalo database? You are using Zapier to connect your Firebase records to Adalo? Are you using Firebase for authentication?


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No, I’m using adalo DB but for android apk you have to create project in firebase.

Firebase can also use for push notifications

I’m a bit late to the party (and haven’t seen the slack discussion), but isn’t another way to do this to create a collection type called ‘Groups’, create a Group called ‘All Users’ with a one-to-many relationship with users, and when a new user signs up, add them to the All Users group?

This would:

(a) allow you to keep it all in Adalo (and thus also send notifications to iOS users); and
(b) allow you to create other groups for segmentation, depending on your app (teams, purchasers etc), which you could also use in Adalo.

Great solution but if admin wants to inform the app users about custom notification about what’s new in app, or announcing about new sale, i think firebase will be great option to opt. The main advantage is, you can schedule your notification.

That’s a good point for now! There is a popular feature request here which would enable this to come back within Adalo:

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when we are using firebase we need SHA 1 key where do we get that key in our adalo apps

You don’t need SHA1 key in Adalo

so how can we connect my adalo app with firebase because when we register our app on firebase it needs json integration and Sha 1 key for integration

May you send the steps how had you connected your Invocial App with firebase because I m facing problem in storage problem and I want to have my external database to handle data not the the 5-20 gb thats given by adalo because thats not enough for me

You can follow the steps available under adalo help center for apk generation for android

Thanks Ishantanu, I hope it works, like you have mentioned about cloud messaging, There are certain more features that are given in the Firebase Console like In App-Messaging and A/B testing and Authentication? Do you have any idea, Will be able to use them Also.

Yes, you can but the A/B testing not tried yet!

Thanks for the replies, your help is really Appreciated.

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I’m assuming the Firebase option only works for Android apps. Has anyone figured out a similar workaround for iOS?

I think we have the option for iOS notification also

Do you have more details? As I understand it, the Adalo app compiles the Firebase SDK into the Adalo app during the build, so it makes sense that the cloud messaging functionality would work there.

But the iOS app doesn’t have the Firebase SDK, so not sure how it could trigger the push notifications there.