Push notification for external logging via API

Hello Guys,
I am getting ready to develop push notification framework for my app however the API provided by Adalo seems to address specific user.
As I am using external auth (external user login) I would like to understand if in this case the push notification for specific users based on their email will be still work and if not if there is any other way of approaching it?

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@Lukasz did you put logged in user?

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Thank you Dilon,
Maybe I got it wrong but it does not answer the question if the API with email addresses works if your users are externally logged in

Hi Lukasz,

This will not currently work with the External Users beta.

Thanks Colin
Do you have any suggestion of how I could make this work with external tools / app store directly or whatever?

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You would have to use some form of external notification service to do that.

You can use ARC OR Postman or your own server to send notification. You need to collect your web_server_key from the console and you need to specify the unique registration key which you will get from the app when calling the onRefreshToken() method.

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