How to show users that book a lesson

Hello guys, this is the first time I have used Adalo, been getting used to it over the week. I’ve got most things from the YouTube videos and this forum but I am stuck at this point of the app and wanted some help from the community.

What I am trying to do is show the teacher, the learners which have booked with them by using a list but I don’t know how to pull only the learners that have booked with the teacher to show.

I have a lesson collection which logs every lesson, I am trying to pull the information from here but what happens is, it shows the same learner multiple times but I only want it to show each learner once.

What are the ways I can go about doing this?

I have tried to create a assigned collection which should create a record for each single learner and it links to the teacher that they have booked with, with this everything updates within a action but I can’t get the current lesson to assign with that learner in the Assigned Collection, it will not allow me to click logged in user. This works when you manually assign the lesson to the learner and also shows how many lessons that learner has done, which is great .

I have also tried the follow method which I seen on YouTube, which works when I follow the learner to the teacher manually in the collection but when I try automate this, it does not link the learner to the teacher.

Can you shine a light onto what I am missing? or if their is anything else I could do, to do this.


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