How to update Avatar based on Image component

Is there a way that I can update a user’s avatar based on an image component click action? I want to show a list of pictures/illustrations that the user can choose as an avatar from.

Kinda like this:

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Like this right?

If it is you can copy the app and add the same logic to your app.

  1. Add a Image property to the user’s collection.

  2. Create A Collection for the Avatar’s and add a Image property.

  3. Then Add some Avatar’s.

  4. Then in the screen Add a list and the collection is Avatar’s collection.

I think you have done these 4 steps. If it is no need.

  1. Then Add a update action to the list Update Logged in user> Image property> To Current Avatar image property.

  2. If you need add a link action to go back when the user clicked a Avatar.

  3. In the Profile screen add a image component and add that to Database>Logged in user> Image property.

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