How to use external API as main info for app?

Hey guys!
I’m planning on using a external database of about 25k products as the main information source for my app. Everything ca be accessed through a API with max 5k calls per 24hrs.
The problem I have is how would the logic work here? The search function in their API only allows for set fields (name of product needs to go against name, year of production needs to go towards year field) so no free-text search. And I also want the users to be able to rate and discuss the products, should I then cache the whole product (it can have upwards of 50 attributes) into Adalo?

My ideal situation would be to be able to let the users do free search, so if they just type 1985 products produced in that year would be returned…

What do you guys think?

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Hello, can you tell me which API you used to access the database?