How to use google maps (few questions)

I am trying to use the map widget with a database of coordinates, but i always get a blank NYC map instead of a map with the markers.
Even when i use single marker and add the coordinates by hand, it does not work.

How is this done?
I searched the forum but nothing i found helped.

Also i noticed that if I pass addresses the number of API calls is quite large (I suspect with coordinates this will go down) and if I try to set restructed API on the HTTP nothing works.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

it looks like it considers my coordinates as a address and does first a geosearch (which is not needed and results in nothing).

Hey this is suppose to work and has in the past but it appears that it is broken.

Seems till broken. I have delayed things with the hope to use Adalo for a web app and eventual,t the full app, but I need the possibility to use coordinates (and no waste in textually geosearch).
Maybe I should go back to slow code app or bubble instead.

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