How to use the share function?

I’m still building my first app which shows a certain info/news each day and I want to implement a function for the user to share this daily news via the usual social media. I thought this was pretty standard nowadays but when I try to use the default share button of the list, there’s nothing really there to work with.
you can pick the action “share” define a source. so I chose the content of the current news and it tells me “Object Type not supported for sharing.”
So can anyone please explain why I get this message, what object type is supported and does this function even accomplish what I’m intending to do??? open up a box to pick the users prefered social media channel and post the current news.

@Webgalaxie, check this post created by @Victor! ; "Object type not supported for sharing", it works on iOS? - #2 by Victor

Thank you.
Well that’s good news.
In wondered why they put a button there by default when sharing doesn’t work.
Support told me “Unfortunately, Adalo doesn’t support WebSharing API currently.”